Stress Free Revision


Hello people !

Let me start this off, by trying to tackle a universal problem. No, I’m not talking about global warming, although that is a major global issue, I’m talking about the 8 letter word that shall haunt every student in the world, REVISION.(If it doesn’t haunt you, then I salute you , because you have managed to master the art and I’d advice you amazing people to share you tips and tricks of the trade!)

Yes, indeed, Revision is the bane of my life, especially last-minute  cramming, where the entire semester’s worth of work literally is somehow force-fed the night before! It may be effective but it is not wise to do so.

How do I know this such vividly you may ask? WELL, It’s because  I literally did it the night before, and  luckily, I did my exam well today! The sole reason and inspiration behind this post.

The all but familiar scenario, where you and your friends are hoping and praying to God Almighty or any force from above(Even’ The Dark’ force at desperate times ), to basically have the only  the  things you’ve managed to cram in , come up in the exam the next morning.

Trust me, I’ve been there and done that and I know a lot of us struggle from this ,at some point in our lives, whether it be a school, college, university or at work!

However,this needs to stop once and for all People, after all, I’ve been in Uni for 4 years yet still haven’t mastered the art of organised , planned revision. Unfortunately, it’s not something that just comes ‘naturally’, the first step  is to admit the fact that I’ve accomplished  a Masters in Procrastination.

Don’t worry guys, all is not over yet, I believe it’s all about swapping old habits for new  refreshing ones! 😀

Here are my 11 smart revision tips  :

  1. Plan ahead-  schedule the exact number hours available and allocate them to the respective subject. Prioritize according the difficulty and the duration of time available prior to the exam date. At least 1 week before the tests. Aim for 5 hours per week, per subject.

Useful website:

2.What type of learner are you?-  it will be really helpful to out what type of learner you are.

3. Notes-

  • Take, check and summarize notes on each and every topic.
  • Re write the notes to be more concise
  • Turn the notes into ‘cheat sheets’ by writing them on index cards or sticky notes
  • Test your knowledge using these smaller versions.
  • MAKE IT POP – Highlight(Important principles and presumably not the ENTIRE book).
  • Use revision aids, make mind maps, posters and utilize apps. I’d personally recommend ‘Chegg Flashcards’ and ‘Study blue ‘ apps  for IOS and Android.
  • ORGANISATION IS KEY- missing papers and trying to find them will only waste more prescious time.

4. Set achievable goals, be honest with yourself and target weaknesses first!

5.Practice makes perfect attempt various past paper and mark yourself harshly. Repeat at least 3-4 times per question.

6.Don’t be afraid to ask teachers for help and queries.

7.Group study- this is my personal favourite as not only are getting some time to spend with your friends, albeit everyone will be equally stressed, the benefits are that you will be more likely to be motivated and motivate others! Make sure you find a suitable group of 2-4 people max.

A wise woman once told me that,’ if you have the confidence to be able to successfully explain a particular topic to another person, you’re ready!’ ( And that wise woman is my Mum,and Mum’s know best, plus it helps that she is an insanely clever Doctor!)

8. Sleep and timing of studying- Do not deprive yourself of sleep, a solid 7-8 hours is recommended for optimal brain performance and concentration.Research suggests that information is well retained if reviewed just before going to bed and the first thing after you wake up in the morning.

9. A Healthy diet and breakfast-  should be taken for best performance, although a cheeky chocolate or two, especially as treats for achieving your goal(finishing a whole chapter) is pretty acceptable! (I wont tell if you won’t!) 😛 Avoid coffee and caffeinated, fizzy drinks  and replace it with fruit juices packed with vitamins and minerals. AND Good old H20!

10. Treat yourself once you have achieved your goal, work, rest , exercise for minimum 30 minutes. Walking down to the shops to get yourself some chocolates kinda count(I’m really not helping am I).

11. YouTube/Revision Websites /Podcasts- Last but definitely not the least , we live in a digital age, where our generation are so lucky to have an abundant amount of wonderful website and videos right at our fingertips, so why not go ahead make the most of them! 😀

I’m off to make some serious changes to my revision , hope you can join me to beat the study blues !

Good luck and Happy Studying !

Love Life ,

Priya x





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